One of my favorite things about Christmas time is including my animals in it. Taking the time to get everyone groomed up and festive (or as groomed as possible anyhow. Merle makes it difficult.). Maybe take some pictures (duh). Do something fun and special as it is just as much for me as it is for them. This probably makes me weird. Oh well. Well, maybe not all that strange. If I had kids, this would look perfectly normal!

I remember as a kid I would make homemade Christmas stockings for the dogs and hang them around the fireplace next to ours. I would put special dog treats in the stockings for the dogs to enjoy Christmas morning. They would always have a blanket or a bed in the room where the tree was and they would be present and a part of our gifting on Christmas morning. I would also often get them a new toy. My mom and my friends often get my dogs a toy for Christmas too.

Christmas looks a little different now at 33 years of age, but I still like to celebrate with my animals and include them in as much as I can. Even if it is just something simple like ribbons and a bow tie. One, because that personality trait is no different now than any other time of year. It also feels like a way to celebrate them. To pay tribute and gratitude for the gifts that they are.

So, that is what I did Saturday morning. I spent a couple hours when I was not doing chores with my dun duo and the Merley Bob going back to my childhood. Grooming until my arms were tired using every brush in my box. And, yes, using THE GLITTER! I am thinking next year I might be that crazy lady that sends a Christmas card of her animals. Why not?

Enjoy the festivity! And the sheer talent it takes to get everyone to be still and pose. It did not last long! Hit play on the song and have a little scroll!

Merle had left at this point for something in a bush. He was whacking his tail on a broad leafed plant and Lito was sure it was a crouching tiger or a hidden dragon.

Walk in love, dear readers, and share the festivity and the joy!

12 thoughts on “Festive.

  1. Lito has such a beautiful kind eye. Biasini has a stocking. I will put it full of carrots onto his stall on Dec. 24. The people doing the stalls on Christmas day will give them to him.

  2. “Christmas looks a little different now at 33 years of age …”

    That’s when you find out Santa is not real (LOL). 🎄🎄❄☃☃❄🎄🎄

      1. We opened all of our presents on Christmas Eve night. Got to stay up late too. On Christmas morning, a semi-nice, full-works breakfast with pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. Then, it was, “What are we going to do? I played with everything last night. No, I’m not wearing the socks I got last night.” Later, I would look at the Sears Christmas Wish Book and look at the stuff I didn’t get. But, hey, that is bestest kind of memory.

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