An open call!

I am looking for some inspiration, my dear readers!

But real quick.

Is anyone else surprised that we are here halfway through November, staring and the holiday season coming in hot and heavy? Just me? Sometimes I stop and think and almost look around me and wonder how I got here! I am along for the ride though and would not change a thing.

Long time readers know I live for this time of year. The love and family time. The thanks and giving. The traditions. The cooking and baking. The lights and decorations. The festivity! I love it. We had a cold front blow in and the weather has now caught up to the season and is here to stay. Or as much as we have winter weather here in our part of the world. I am not really ready for the cold part though given how not fun winter 2020 was. I literally thought the big winter-pocalypse was winter 2021. I should be able to remember all of this given that last year I was able to go on a Hawaiian vacation, you know…balance things out, but alas, my time memory is still warped from 2020 covid time.


It is time to crank up the festive. Turn on the happy. Remember the reason for the season!

So here is the deal, I want to know!

I want to know what are your favorite traditions? What makes the holidays for you? Favorite food (sweet or savory). Favorite music. Favorite activity or decorations.

What makes it festive for you?

I specifically want to know what is your favorite cake!

I am looking to try something new!

Every year (one year I even participated in a blog event!) I have shared my favorite Christmas music, fun animal photo shoots, and of course the cooking and baking. Have no fear, you will get some of that this year of course, but I want to know yours.

Drop and comment and share with us! Or send me an email at 13ahamoments@gmail.com.

Walk in love, dear readers!

6 thoughts on “Festivity.

  1. Usually on Christmas Day (weather permitting), I put Christmas hats on my horses and take pictures of them and any family who are present for the occasion. Kind of a silly thing, but I have enjoyed looking over all the pictures and noting the changes in herd and family composition that the pictures denote.

  2. I always have a tree and decorate it with decorations some of which are from my childhood. I also put a small carved nativity scene on the mantlepiece. Christmas day we have a turkey dinner with home made cranberry sauce. Adn we also have a Christmas Pudding. This is a dark cake like and solid “pudding” that is steamed to heat it up and cook it. It is served with hard sauce which is whipped butter cooled till it is hard and laced with rum or brandy. This melts over the warm pudding. This is a very English tradition.

    1. Fun! Our childhood ornaments are still blessedly with my parents. I have been trying to find that special, just right nativity for myself with no luck. Homemade cranberry sauce is the only way to go! It actually made me like the turkey better. I personally am all about the sides…and the dessert! I have made it several different ways over the years. My favorite has apples, orange of some kind (either zest or liqueur), and…peppers! Now that pudding. I have actually always wanted to try making one. I don’t think I’ve even had one before. Would you mind sharing your recipe if it is not secret?

      1. It’s not a secret I got it out of an English Cookbook called the Cookery Year published by the Readers Digest. Thing is you need to start now with making it and then let it sit and absorb the alcohol and mature. Then it will be ready for Christmas Day.It has ro be steamed for 6 hours and they recommend a further 4 hours on Christmas day!! I have also bought Christmas puddings and just steamed them to heat them up and I have found them to be quite good. I’m not sure if you could find one to buy in Texas but it might be worth a try.

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