Be grateful all the time, but especially coming into Thanksgiving and Holiday season. Every one of us is blessed. Can you see what makes you blessed? Are you grateful for it? Open your eyes. That is a blessing in itself. AHA moment. It is a blessed day that the Lord has made.

Last night I went to the farm to spend the night and have the horses up in the morning for the farrier to do their hooves. This makes me grateful that I am able to do that. Grateful for the farm. Grateful for the horses. Grateful for a great farrier that works with our situation. Grateful that I got to drive to work watching this sunrise.

The hood of my car may be dirty, I may have been tired from my 5 AM wake-up, and the terrible traffic made my drive longer than an hour, but look at the beauty in those colors and the reflection in the clouds and on the hood.

What are you grateful for?

Walk with love. Lead with love. Spread the love, dear readers. Allow the love to drive out the hate. Let the light shine out the darkness. Choose to make peace and share joy.


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