Today is a western day. Western music I mean. Finishing Lito‘s story got me going and I started a western playlist on the Spotify. I was going to share a song about how life is beautiful despite all the things going on around us and even if it is different than what we imagined…but then I changed my mind. I can do that. I like western more than that today. Things appear to be gettin’ a little western anyhow. Sometimes I wish I lived out in the middle of nowhere and could be self sufficient out there.

Middle sister flew in late last night for a ‘long’ weekend! I love when she is here! We all have the best time and I miss her so when she is gone. Eldest sister and the littles are coming over to my parents house and we are all going to have a happy hour/dinner/movie/sleepover fun! Be jealous if you wish. See, I do other things than just horses and get lost in music and deep philosophical thoughts.

I hoped you liked my musings on this fine Friday! Go make it great and walk in love!

What are y’all doing this weekend???


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