Love Is To Be & To Be Is To Love

A friend of mine mentioned that she was listening to this song and there were a couple lines in it that really spoke to her. The song was “As We Are” by Kongos. Sound like something I listen to? No, no it does not. I had to go look it up. The song is not my style, but the message is good none the less. Have you ever heard it?

Another friend of ours said that those two lines were a great topic to discuss with a glass of wine. Well, I don’t need that glass to go there. I am sure you figured that by now. But, a glass of wine, especially with a pit fire, would be nice. I digress. 


“It’s said we must look within
‘Cause love is to be and to be is to love”

That is fact of life to me. The secret. The key. The AHAmoment. One of the greatest things about working with horses is that they make you look within yourself to be the best human/horseman you can be. They teach you to love yourself among many other important life lessons. Once you love yourself for your true self, you are open and able to truly love another. All that right there? That is God looking at you through them.

Put that in your pot of thoughts and stir it.

Walk in love, dear readers!


8 thoughts on “Love Is To Be & To Be Is To Love

  1. haha I like a couple of their songs. I haven’t heard this one though, I’ll have to give it a listen. Would love to have a glass of wine over a fire pit with you sometime.

    1. That would be so great! It is one of my favorite past times. If you are ever down here or if I am ever up there, lets make it happen. I was thinking of you the last few days. Facebook keeps showing me memories of pregnant Cheetah and I would think, “aww 4 years ago I was tired of waiting for that not so little foal and for my mare to not be a whale!” lol You will have these moments forever now just like me!

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