Celebration Tuesday

We are back in action.

Well mostly, that is. Always have to have that caveat to cover your bases, you know what I mean? But let us not focus on that.

So, let’s make today a Celebration Tuesday. It is a thing, trust me. I made it up. Because we all have something to celebrate, no matter the day or time. And because I can. And because, well, it certainly sounds better than Boring Tuesday! It is what you make it. AHAmoment.

The deal and the paperwork on the new car has been completed and I should have it in my possession tomorrow or the next day. Fingers crossed. I took care of that yesterday.

Can anyone please tell my why that process takes so long?! I was amazed! Four hours just to sign papers…ridiculous. Anyway. Now I just have to give my old car a good wash before I deliver him to his new owner. The whole process was not as bad as I thought it would be. Also, surprisingly not as exciting as I thought either but I am guessing that is because I do not have it yet. But alas, still something to celebrate!

My Darcy girl is finally back to her normal, bubbly self. All systems are a go, if you will. This is more than enough reason to celebrate!

No more eating dirt just to get the pig drippings, you naughty dog!

Play time after bath time equals nap time in Darcy land. I am not sure who had a harder time last week, her or me. It is terrible to watch any animal in pain. Seriously, the worst.

We are about there at redemption with Lito and our trailer loading set back. He is pretty consistently self loading and seems much more comfortable with the whole deal. This weekend I will take him for a little drive up the road and back to see how he feels about it. I would prefer him to just follow me in, but I will take what I can get. If that is how he prefers it, I will just have to open my mind to it. So, ware celebrating this as well! Celebrating it for Lito and his accomplishments.

He has lost some confidence in these past few weeks and that really hurts my heart. It feels like it is my fault and I do not know where I went wrong. All I know is I have the faith, love, and time it takes to to get him back to his confident self. Going back to Kindergarten is fun right? You get nap time? And snack time? Hopefully we will pick the riding back up in a couple of weeks. We will get through this phase together and be better for it.

I took my Cheetah girl for a 2 hour road ride on Sunday. It was quiet and she power walked the whole time like we were really going somewhere. It made me wish we really were. We both needed that time alone, out together, just going, even if it wasn’t anywhere specific.

Just look at those happy ears.

What are you celebrating on this Tuesday?

It’s not a boring Tuesday anymore when you look at it like that, is it?

Walk in love, dear readers!

8 thoughts on “Celebration Tuesday

  1. I had a horse that was difficult to load and a friend taught me to teach him to self load. He never looked back and even at a show in downtown Toronto (at the Canadian National Exhibition show ground) he loaded without hesitation despite a lot of people walking by and cars and trucks. So good to know that Lito is back on good form with the trailer. As for his confidence. Do you believe in or ever use an animal communicator? I have a person who does Reiki on horses and she can also do animal communication. I have found it helpful not only to hear what Biasini is thinking but also to be able to send messages back to him.

      1. Well it took us one session with 3 people. My husband in the trailer with a bucket of cut up carrots and treats. Me just behind the horse and my friend leading him up the ramp. Evvery step forward got a treat reward then back up and walk toward the trailer again. A step onto the ramp a treat etc then start again. Once he would go up onto the ramp she put the lead shank over his neck and my husband backed up with the treats till he was inside and then the but bar was put in place. This was a two horse straight load trailer. Then he got more treats and a pause and then to unload a pull of the tail and vocal command ” back” and with the rope over his neck again backing out and i would take the rope as he came by me. We did the whole thing three times the first time. Then that week i did it twice more with just my husband. It was great as i could trailer him anywhere by myself .

        1. This is basically how I trained Lito when he was a baby, just with only me. In my previous comment, I was referring to the Reiki and the communication though!

          1. Yes I got that when I saw your message on messenger. I have taken messenger off my phone as it was driving me crazy! So I did not see your message until I was on my pc.

  2. I’m so jealous of your 2 hour ride to nowhere… The weather has been so poor here (rain and mud) that there really has been no option to do much beyond ring work and walking along the gravel roads at the barn. I feel like both of us could use some unstructured, open air time.

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