Tune Tuesday

Y’all, it is a Tune Tuesday kind of day. Enjoy.

This song. It is where IT is at. What IT is all about. It is what is in your heart. It is about love. The memories that remind us and bring us joy. What we have learned from what He has shown us. The grace and unending love of our Lord. Our ultimate and great destination in heaven. That we are never alone. Something no man can take away. AHA moment.

Thanks, The Statesboro Revue – Topic on YouTube for the vid.

This song helped me with the passing of our sweet Mansebo. Makes me tear up. I will probably lean on it forever. Love the songs that evoke such emotion. I listened to it non stop on the day and on the one year anniversary. I could not talk about it though. Thankfully, I can now. Thanks to Stewart Mann (The Statesboro Revue) and Gordy Quist (The Band of Heathens) for the song writing and The Statesboro Revue for recording this song.

Do y’all like this song as much as I do? Share a song like this if you have one!

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