Drives me CRAZY…

Do you know what drives me absolutely, up the wall crazy?!?!?! When I have a few lyrics of a song stuck in my head and I can not call the name of the song! I either need to listen to that song at that moment or I am trying to tell someone they need to listen to it at that moment. LIKE RIGHT NOW! It drives me bonkers until I can figure out what song. It is so bad that I usually can not do anything else. I google and google and think really hard. If I am lucky, I remember quickly. If I am not…well…it has taken me a couple of days to recall. To me, it is like having something stuck in your teeth when you do not have any floss on hand. Do you get it now?! CRAZY! It always appears right on the tip of my tongue, right within reach, and yet so so far away in the depths of my mind. It happened to me this very morning. It took me till now to name the song. Man. The relief when it comes to me is just as real as the frustration. Sigh.

What song was it, you ask? Oh, good! I was hoping you would!

OK, so I will get to that. Remember the other day when I posted the follow up to Truth, Speaking of truth? I shared with y’all the song by Sean McConnell, Praise The Lord. If you missed it then, or even if you didn’t, have a listen and or check out the lyrics. One of the lines states, “I find I know less as I come to know you more.” Is that not the truth? We get so consumed with our own knowledge and preconceived notions in our heads that we miss Him for who and what He truly is. It is a little like that whole forest for the trees bit. Working with horses is the exact same as our faith, relationship with God, and life. The more we learn, open, and improve our skills, the more we realize that there is sill so much to learn and to do to get better. We must continue to strive and never quit questing. AHA moment right there.

Anyway, that line got me thinking, you know, the way I do. Thinking about all the multitude things I do not know and how small we are compared to the greatness that is. I remembered that song by Ryan Bingham that was in the movie Crazy Heart. The lyrics are great, just my kind of song about writing a “book about what I don’t know,” should know better, where the wind is blowing. All the things. You know, the wind sure seems to blow from one place and come back around…

…that is a story for another day, I digress. Thanks to theshmcc on YouTube for the vid. Then that song got me thinking about our lives as books. Whole books. Not just a page (open that door for all the metaphors!!!). A culmination of all the things in our lives as a whole. THEN that is when IT happened…the terrible awful, my brain quit and I could not call the song that was on the tip of my tongue. It felt like another Ryan song, but then it could have been somebody or so and so else that is similar to Ryan in the whole of Texas Country. All morning it was like a bur in my saddle pad. I googled and thought and googled again.

All of a sudden someone hit fast forward and turned the volume up and I got a whole line of the song rushing to the front of my brain. It came to me! It was another Ryan song, ‘Snake Eyes’ (lyrics here)! I could talk about this song for a while, but what made me think of it was the line, “bind me down, I’m a book not a page.” Have a listen and enjoy this great video shared by Lost Highway Records on YouTube.

I will let that sit with you, dear readers.

I hope you enjoy. Share your thoughts!

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