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Is there a podcast or something that you regularly listen to? Share!

I go through times where I mostly listen to music and then other times where I mostly listen to podcasts. I have been on a little podcast stint as of late. I feel the need to share the greatness of St. John the Divine Sermons and Lessons podcast! I find it truly helps me stay in the right frame of mind, reminds me of what is truly important, and keeps my eye on the prize or end goal. It makes me think and puts an extra zip in my step.

I like to listen to sermons etc. on podcast, online, or radio because I am often at the farm during services. I try to go to bible study during the week, but sometimes it just does not work out. Yesterday, while driving the hour to the farm after work to take care of a water leak and check up on everything/everyone, I was catching up on my SJD podcast.

Have a listen to what really spoke to me. Rocked my world. Floated my boat. Insert them all here, because that is what it did for me! It is a quick 35 min lesson by Meg Rice. I love to listen to her! “God moved…His power at work within you…God will meet us in the everyday things of life…see the burning bushes in our lives…God wants nothing more than to communicate with us…SUNRISES, SUNSETS, STARS, ANIMALS…whatever it takes….eyes to see when He is reaching out and talking…ask for your burning bush…don’t be so busy you miss it…HERE I AM…YES…our promised land is a state of the mind and the soul and the spirit…walk through our wilderness and reach the fullness of His intimacy and LOVE…FAITH.” Sitting in my car listening, it felt as if I was there, sitting in a chair, listening and laughing with everyone else. It felt straight from God, through her mouth, to my heart. That might be cheesy, but it just is what it is. It was also recorded on a special day for me!


My girl Darcy had so much at the farm yesterday evening. I walked down to the pond to sit with the horses and somehow she missed the memo that I was going . Once I was down there I looked around for her, and nowhere was she! I looked up towards the house and called to her. Bounding down she came. Once she saw me on the other side of the pond, she sprinted to the shore. To my surprise, she swam across the pond to me instead of running around. You do not know my dog, so I will explain my surprise. She is a full blooded outdoor bird dog, but a water dog she is not. Now, she can swim, do not get me wrong. It is just not her strong suit and she prefers to just wade in and then wade out never getting to swimming depths. Not often will you see her just swimming…as in I have NEVER seen her do it on her own accord, but swimming, swimming, swimming she came to me! It is a big deal. I just love her and love that the feeling is mutual. Man, this week with my animals has been great (Click here if you missed my telling of this weekends love fest)! My heart is full and my cup runneth over! I have even gotten hugs from the nephew and niece.

I have been a bad dog mom and have not given her much time lately on the blog here! Bad, bad. Here she is posing with a nearly destroyed toy…really though, she is hard to catch in a good photo!

Please forgive the messy background…

Have a look at a little snip-it of my hang out session…turn the volume all the way up! You know how I love my grazing noises!


Lead with love, dear readers!

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