Earth, air, water, and fire. 

And the Oxford comma. Ha! Hey, I’ve got jokes today! 

No, for real. 

Something so Elemental as to embody all four of those concepts. More than just words. They are senses. Images. Feelings. Emotions. All in themselves. 

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. God’s paintings twice a day, every day, no matter where you are. Both at the beginning and the end. Of everything. Yet different every day. New. 

Seeing and smelling the earth, feeling the air across your skin as you lope your horse around, praying for those clouds to produce some rain (at least where we are, they have had more rain than us!), and having your soul set on fire. 

Blessed and grateful. 

The reflection of the sunset on the eastern sky Saturday evening with horses and friends. Clearly no better at focusing for photos than I’m sure we were as kids…

Please take a moment to enjoy Lito’s expressions. Seriously, that horse. I just can not contain myself.

Sorry. Where was I? Right.

Sunrise progression Sunday morning. I told you God likes Sundays to be foggy…

Two things that inspire me most next to my horses and my dog. 

Have you caught a sunrise or a sunset recently? Share if you have! If you have not, do yourself a favor and watch one soon. 

Walk in love, dear readers!

10 thoughts on “Elemental

  1. This evening I decided just after 8 to go for a swim. We have not heated the pool for ages since the weather has been rainy and thunderstorms so I knew the water would be cool and the air was already cool. But in I went as I was swimming the sunset lit up the sky. We have farm fields all round our house and so it was beautiful looking across the soy bean fields to the west and to the illuminated clouds. I love your photos. What a serendipity to have your friends and the horses and behind you such a beautiful array of clouds.

  2. Beautiful photos! I don’t often get to ride so early or late because of my kids. Darned parenthood getting in the way. 😉 Looks like a lovely time and a wonderful day to remember.

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