Sorry, Not Sorry.

Today I am straight up giddy with the prospect of fall and winter.

Why does it seem like I only ever write about weather lately?

Anyway, slightly, or not so as established above, random, I know. And before you ask, yes, I am aware that it is not even October yet. But a girl can get excited. We are almost there.

Here is what I am ready for:

Holidays, duh. Even if this year will be hard.

Sitting around a fire wearing a sweater. I love sweaters. I love fire. Throw in a cocktail, some great music and people and you got it made.


Baking and cooking and holiday cocktails and getting crafty with my family. And, and, AND!

Frosty mornings with fuzzy horses. Although, I pray not too frosty and cold. Old horses and hard winters are tough. Last winter was pretty bad.

And, dare I say. Christmas and Christmas music and Hallmark Thanksgiving and Christmas movies and Christmas decorations!!! And family time. And food. Man, we have the best Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts. My mouth is watering.

Shhhh. I know.

You are thinking that I am crazy and that we are far off from that and hey, don’t forget Thanksgiving. Nope. Not crazy, just excited for one of my favorite times of year. And I never forget about Thanksgiving. They go together. It is the season and spirit of thanks and giving.

Do not you worry, I won’t play a Christmas song now. Even if I did think about. OK fine, I am only not playing it because I can’t find a good video of it.

Sorry, not sorry. People are already starting to decorate for fall!

Walk in love, dear readers, and have a great weekend!

I will be riding and organizing for my trip this weekend…and dreaming of cooler weather. Interestingly enough, we will have slightly cooler weather this weekend.

19 thoughts on “Sorry, Not Sorry.

  1. Katie Arendale

    love this! we are def related! I have been thinking about xmas decorations all week and was googling articles on when is the earliest we can buy our xmas tree!!!
    miss you!

  2. I’m excited to use my new horse vacuum! Training them to stand still while I suck the dirt off of them is going to be so much fun! I’ve always wanted one for winter grooming

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    1. Fun! I have used one once on my mare. She did her level best not to move her feet, but it was clear she was having a very hard time! I love a good long curry and brush session, but having a vacc would be kinda nice. Some horses you just can not get very clean! The dark ones especially that show the dirt so well.

  3. Fall is a great time of year although I do not like winter. The cold isn’t so bad specially here in SC, but the short days when it is dark when I leave the house and dark when I return from work get depressing.

  4. Love! I also can’t wait for fall, and am not impressed with unseasonably warm temps these days. Was it unusually cold in TX last winter? My brother and sis in law are in Ft Worth and we were there over Thanksgiving last winter – twas chilly!! But five years in Coastal Georgia have made me very thinly skinned 🤓

    1. Yes. It was cold and wet. Lots of blanketing and feeding of the oldie. I even covered the young horses a couple of times and I never do that. They were all shivering. My mare can be a bit of a baby even though she comes from colder temps (drier cold, so different). But they started acting goofy kinda colicky so I groomed and blanketed and stuffed them with even more hay. I don’t want that again!

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