I keep hearing people around me use the word serene. An interesting thing to notice, I know. Anyway, it is a good word and one that appeals to my senses.

When you think of serene, what comes to mind? Or the feeling of serenity?


“Clear and free of storms or unpleasant change. Shining bright and steady. Marked by or suggestive of utter calm and unruffled repose or quietude.” – Merriam-Webster


“The quality or state of being serene” – Merriam-Webster
Calm. Peaceful. Placid. Quiet. Repose. Restfulness. Still. Tranquil.

A quick google image search of ‘serene’ shows many people think of the same images. Sunsets. Sunrises. Quiet landscapes. Bodies of water. Rays of light. Colors.

All in the great out of doors. Do you think I am surprised by this? No, no I am not.

Here is what serenity looks like to me.

A quiet and soft eye, that peers deep into your soul.

Awe inspiring and relaxing landscapes.

Light and color.

The outdoors is like my church. The sky is the steeple and my horse’s back is my pew.

Everything I hear and see and feel was created and put there by Him and IS Him. AHAmoment.

I hope you feel serene now! What makes you feel serene?

Walk in love, dear readers!

8 thoughts on “Serenity.

  1. Armando DeLeon,III

    The quality of our thoughts increases with serenity. (and decreases with anxiety)
    Another word that has gained importance to me lately is “peace”. It used to be just another word in my vocabulary, but lately it’s huge to me. “Peace be with you”.
    I totally agree with you. The outdoors is where we find serenity. Perhaps because we connect better with God’s creation.
    Hace a wonderful day!

    1. Yes, absolutely. Truth.
      You can not fully know the meaning of peace, I think, unless you have really felt it. Mere words can not really describe it.
      <3 Thank you! I hope your day has been wonderful!

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