…just like any other Monday?

Wrong. It is one that was not promised. I bet that changed your Monday blues.

Make the most of it, dear readers, and make it a great one.

Dare I say, make it a marvelous Monday!

Shine your light and spread the love! Get all hippie-dippie. Go on. You know you want to.

I had a lovely, restorative weekend at the farm (I even took a nap! Gasp, I know), capped by an amazing dinner with family last night. Seriously, that meal. Fresh caught red fish on the half shell topped with hollandaise and fresh crab meat served with green chili rice and green beans. We ate like kings. However, the meal was nothing compared to quality time spent with my niece and nephew. Love those little people!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is getting their week off to a great start.

I for one am glad to be back in the swing. Bring it on! I have missed y’all!

Enjoy this piece by Ben Haggard.

What did you do this weekend?

Walk in love.

10 thoughts on “Monday…

  1. Great stuff :)) Just the other day, my daughter, EllaHarp, completed and posted her first official music video — very, very exciting!!! As her mom, I drove her to music lessons for years!!! Sent her off to music camp, music recitals, music college (in Scotland, no less!) After Scotland, she built a Tiny House (Little Yellow) in our driveway, then moved away to live in it up in the SF Bay area. Here are her websites. Please give a listen :)) it’s awesome stuff :)) Proud mom, Dawn

  2. Love the “Amazing Grace”. so nice to hear a simple acoustic rendition of that song. It always strikes me that this song, ( originally the words written by a slave owner I believe) is best when given a simple arrangement. So Onwards with the New Week!!

    1. I love simple renditions because it really gives the lyrics the ability to shine. Hard to hide from them, you know? Yes, onwards and upwards!!! I hope you have been having a good week!

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