FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY! Sending good vibes to you, dear readers, to have a great Friday and then a great weekend to recharge your batteries. OK, yes, I am proudly listening to Brandon Rhyder today. It is helping me get all the works checked off my list! Give him a listen and cross all the things off our list!

Tonight I am having dinner with a horse friend from college! I have not seen her in about five years. She drove 9 hours to come look at a horse. Very exciting. We will probably hit up a tack store or two and then have a fun dinner catching up…and talking horses. Off to the farm for me after that. Sunday afternoon, my cousin and I are going to do all the fun fall cooking, baking, and crafty things we have been waiting to do! Get ready, come Monday (name that Jimmy Buffet song) I am going to tell you about them all. Then next week, it is buckle down time for wrapping things up at work and packing/getting ready for my week long trail ride vacation. Leaving a week from tomorrow!

Have a great one! Walk in love!

Your Light

Dear readers,

I hope y’all have had a great week so far. I am grateful for this week. As you may know, I have been feeling a bit lost. Stagnant in life in more ways than one. I have come to think of this time as ‘in transition’ or a ‘growth period’ (thanks to a few conversations with friends). I feel like this week I have finally gotten to the lovely point where I can begin to embrace it and lean into it. Actually be open to the growth, if you will. I can finally feel and see my light shining again in this dark (blah, that sounds so dramatic). I have been more focused at work this week than I have been in months. Man, that is a hard one to admit. I feel like you, dear readers, are in part to thank for it, so thank you!  Thank you for letting me share my stories and for being a constant reality check. If you find yourself in the same position as me, let your light shine bright and do not fight! Embrace it!



Evening Feeding

To me, evening feeding time with the horses is the most peaceful of times. Do you ever just sit and listen to them eat? It does not matter if it is feed, hay, or grass. It is so relaxing. All feels right to listen. It is the same with cows grazing in the evening, right at dusk.

I do not ever remember not feeling this way. When we first got the farm, I would ride down just before dusk bareback on my palomino mare, Fresca, and just sit there on her back listening to the cows graze. Then I would come back to the barn, tuck her back in her stall, toss feed to the horses, and just sit on a bucket listening. An old soul at 10 or so years old, I dare say.

All the noises just combine to music in my ears. The sound of chewing, lips moving, breathing, snorting, shuffling hooves, swishing tails, the evening bugs, the wind in the trees. Combine that with the golden glow of dusk on the dust and I can not help but feel God’s presence and be grateful. When I was homesick away at college, I would sit in the barn in the evening to listen to the horses eat and I would feel comforted. Even now, back in town for the work week, I remember a moment from this weekend and I am humbled and overwhelmed with love.

I snapped some photos Saturday evening as the horses were finishing their feed because the light was so magical playing of Lito’s golden, dun coat. He was so calm and relaxed after his fun filled Saturday at my friend’s house.

It reminds me of a little while ago when I went for a walk with Lito down to the river at dusk. It was about a year ago. I had to stop by the pond to marvel at his glowing coat. I snapped a few photos during our walk to remember the moment. I was overcome with gratitude for this horse, and his dam, this Godly farm, and for this life I am blessed to live. At times, I get so wrapped up in the deep and get bogged down by everyday life things that do not really matter. All the little things that add up to a weight that not only makes me feel immobile, but it blinds me at the same time. It is like my life is passing me by. I feel stagnant. I temporarily lose sight of what is important (I think some call this a transition time. Woof. I will let you know when I figure that out). However, this weight is not a weight that we have to bear. God, through this place, these horses, and my dog give me regular AHA moments of what IS important. They slow me down. Rejuvenate me. Open my mind, body, and spirit. I try to pray more. I am reminded to get in His word. I listen and hear more. I am returned to a place of thanks and giving. The little things start to go away and I can see the path. Keep my eye on the prize. I am working on keeping in that place all the time, no matter where I am or what is going on. It will make me a better person and horseman…err lady. It is sometimes hard. It is sometimes easy. That is the life we are blessed to live and it is beautiful! There is beauty in all things, even the hard stuff. Enjoy and embrace the process.


Listen and lead with love, dear readers.

Zyto Compass


OK, has anyone had their horse scanned, or anything for that matter, with a Zyto Compass??? It measures the baseline galvanic skin responses or something like that…I think. It is like a lie detector test, but not.

On Saturday, I went to ride a new friend’s house to ride and get ready for our week long trail ride in October. I took Ike (because that is who I will be riding) and my Lito man. I brought Lito along for the fun mainly so he could see a new place and practice his ‘chill at the trailer alone’ skills. He passed with flying colors by the way. I mean, this horse, is so good. He hauls like a pro. He makes me so happy. Sorry, sorry, I digress, back to my story.

I also wanted to bring him because this new friend of mine is very knowledgeable on the use essential oils in all living things, especially horses. Every summer, Lito gets hives from what I guessed would be the bugs. I wanted my friend to look at him, see what she thought, and maybe recommend something that could help him. Any chance I can avoid the ingestion of unnatural things or cutting on a body, I am all for it. My sister also uses the essential oils on her family, so I am mildly familiar and I like the concept.

Naturally, the minute I unloaded him, she fell madly in love….. What?! OK…maybe it did not go exactly like that in reality, but it sure felt that way. She did like him and tell me how cute he is because, let’s face it, that is fact. Anyway, she offered to do a Zyto Compass reading (after she explained the concept to me and said it might just be all vudu) on him for free to just see what essential oils it recommended for him. I tried not to jump up and down with excitement as I said as calmly as possible, “oh, really? that would be great.” You see, I just love to learn new things and I was just flat out curious what it would say, regardless. So, I held the  hand cradle with my right hand and touched him with my left hand while my friend held Lito’s lead rope without touching him. As painless as that.

Interestingly enough, he had 36 bio-markers out! Or something like that. I had a mini internal freak out then asked, “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?!!!?” as I looked at Lito in horror. She chuckled at me and said lets go look. We looked up the oils it recommended and most of them were related to stress and anxiety. The rest were for anti-inflammatory (skin maybe) and some bone things (still growing). Very interesting. He really did not seem stressed at all. I mean he was in a mildly stressful situation being an hours haul from home at a new farm (a very peaceful farm with good feeling energy), but he was not displaying any outward stress indicators. So, he is either a pro at concealing and internalizing his stress and anxiety, it was a faulty reading, or it is just vudu. Who knows? Not me. None of the oils recommended were for bugs or parasites, so who knows with the hives either. Oh well, she suggested applying some lavender on him for his skin and adding a mixture of garlic powder and vinegar to his feed for the bugs. Maybe we will do a scan at home next time. Still very interesting.

Has anyone tried any of these things on themselves or their animals?

When you feel guilty…

img_9009Today is a two cup of coffee day for me. I somehow forgot to set an alarm last night for this morning. I know, I know. I should just have one set for every week day, but I just do not function that way. Get over it. I woke up a little late and could not get moving. Darcy being turbo cute and cuddly did not help me either. 2 cups needed. I had one cup at home and part of another while driving. I am sitting at my desk finishing what is left, enjoying the morning quiet and stillness. If you are wondering, yes, I cleaned off my desk…well, by off I mean a spot big enough…to take that picture. Yes, that is a very riveting coffee photo. Please pardon the glare. Although, I am going to tell myself it adds to the composition…I should have made Christmas coffee today. I love Christmas coffee. Christmas music. Everything Christmas.

Anyway, I digress. I only have the amount of time left that it will take me to finish my coffee to talk with you. Yesterday I felt guilty. Like really guilty. Guilty that I do not ride as much anymore. Guilty that I am not doing more horsey things like taking lessons, going to clinics, showing. I used to be able to ride 2 to 3 horses a day while going to school full time and participate in clinics and horse shows on the weekends. I just can not flat out do that right now. My horses are an hour away from me. I work full time, you know that whole ‘adulting’ thing. Everyone is getting married and having babies (let us not talk about that anymore. I swear I feel like the only single person left). I try to have a ?social life?. Trying being the operative word. And I am blessed to have a large family here in town and we always have functions and ‘get togethers.’ Life gets in the way.

Do you ever feel that way? It does not have to be just horses. Anything that you love and do not seem to have time for at the moment. Read this. Thank you to Megan Inglis and Horse Junkies United. My friend shared this article and I have to share it with you because it spoke to me.

The thing is, I am creating that guilt. There is no reason for it. Do I wish I could do all of those things I used to? Yes, but that would mean I am not where I am now with the opportunities I have now. It is just a season. At the present moment, I do not have all the time in the world. It hurts that I do not have time because I miss my horses and feel that they miss me. It hurts because I feel like I/we are losing ground and not learning and advancing. However, they are happy and have more than they need. They get to be horses. We are all happy when we do see each other. I need to focus on the moments we do have together. The simple fact of the matter is, I am NOT not losing ground and not advancing. I learn from them every time I am with them and we are developing a different part of our relationship. It is all a part of our journey together. This season will not last forever. Just like the heat of summer does not last all year. Today is the first day of fall. Soon, it will actually feel like fall. Well, even if just for a moment here in the southern part of Texas. Do not feel guilty, dear readers. Have faith and ride the season out. Enjoy the moments and your journey. It is about the process. You can make it a tragedy or a party. AHA moments right there.

This a good metaphor for life, no?

Praying for the next season.

Tune Tuesday

Y’all, it is a Tune Tuesday kind of day. Enjoy.

This song. It is where IT is at. What IT is all about. It is what is in your heart. It is about love. The memories that remind us and bring us joy. What we have learned from what He has shown us. The grace and unending love of our Lord. Our ultimate and great destination in heaven. That we are never alone. Something no man can take away. AHA moment.

Thanks, The Statesboro Revue – Topic on YouTube for the vid.

This song helped me with the passing of our sweet Mansebo. Makes me tear up. I will probably lean on it forever. Love the songs that evoke such emotion. I listened to it non stop on the day and on the one year anniversary. I could not talk about it though. Thankfully, I can now. Thanks to Stewart Mann (The Statesboro Revue) and Gordy Quist (The Band of Heathens) for the song writing and The Statesboro Revue for recording this song.

Do y’all like this song as much as I do? Share a song like this if you have one!

In Other News

My phone told me this weekend that I could not take any more pictures. How rude. Now I have to take photos off my phone to make room. I guess I could delete some old messages. Woof. I need to get a new phone anyway. My current one is on it’s last leg. I was able to get these darling images on my ride Saturday morning. Ike’s ears…nothing cuter.

I am getting him in shape for a week long trail ride in the middle of October, which is why I have been focusing my ride time on him. Let us not talk about the rain issue. I have to prioritize my riding because with the weather I can not get it all done. I rode Bella the buckskin last week. She regressed by several years it seems, so here is hoping that this week is closer to par. My dun duo unfortunately for all involved has been pushed to the back burner. My Cheetah girl is downright miserable in our hot, humid, and buggy summers. Her temper is quite thin towards the end. I hate not riding her regularly, but our relationship seems less strained when I give her the bad part of the summer off. Being a fair weather rider is not my jam as I ride regularly all year, but sometimes you have to change your norm or make sacrifices for the better of the horse. My poor not so little Lito. My family and friends have been otherwise occupied for much of the summer and I have frequently found my self alone at the farm. I have a rule of no riding freshly started horses alone. You know, if it is not safe it is not fun and all that. There is also that whole rain thing that I said I did not want to talk about. However, I do not worry about him much and I am in no rush. He is a star. When it cools down and my life slows down a bit (hopefully) I will get them both going again.

I have not been able to really feel the fall air come in, but I have seen some leaves on the ground. That is something, right? What have y’all done to get you through the summer dregs?

In other news, I baked a chocolate cheesecake for my Grandmother’s birthday Saturday evening. I did not get a photo because the dumb phone told me I couldn’t and it was not the prettiest thing. It sure did taste good though! I am going to make some changes to the recipe and see if I can make it better. I also made a strawberry, lavender, and mint margarita. Interestingly enough, my phone let me take a picture…priorities??? Oh man, it was so good! I mean, if you were wondering.


Last night I made a roasted tomato, pepper, and butternut squash soup with basil and a cheese crostini. No pictures there either, but boy oh boy, it tasted sooooooo good. Super healthy and satisfying too.

Apparently when I do not get my ride time, I cook or do other crafts. What do you do when you can’t ride or do your ‘thing’???

Lead and follow with grace.

It is going to be a beautiful day…

The horses have been fed. Enjoying the moon, sun, and a cup of coffee before riding and chores. Love life’s simple pleasures. Makes up for my niece screaming for 2 hours before I had to be up…;)

Baking a dessert for my Grandmother’s birthday dinner this afternoon.

I went the tack store tent sale yesterday and did not buy anything exciting. Jury is still out on whether I am disappointed or proud lol.

What are you doing or enjoying today? Walk in love.